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Some background documents
In light of some of the comments made by Jason in his statement about The Manga Alliance we have decided to release the following so they give some background into what the MA was about and how it was being organised. Whilst the Manga Alliance appears to be being disassembled, and our purpose will soon be over, with the three main players still working together and making repeated complaints about an unnamed event and organisation we believe there is validity in adding these items to the record.

However, we would like to start with the following comment that has been sent to us by Mike Towers:"Also, no hard feelings, I understand why you did what you did, and I respect you for that."

Thank you Mike, and we respect you for saying that.

"the only UK company to produce it's own manga"
except, for example:
Itch Publishing
SelfMadeHero (Winner: UK Young Publisher Of The Year 2008)
Sweatdrop Studios
Creative Freedom
Zen Pop

(We do accept that some of these are 'groups' rather than 'companies', however we think that is a technical distinction rather than a factual one as they are still producing manga in the UK for money)

Whilst this does contain many very admirable thoughts and concepts on how to develop the UK scene for us the key section is "It has also been agreed that Japanamay* will not have an official forum (since we will be offering these deals to multiple online communities) but that AL will always be at the top of any list, and get mentions in Japanamy features/articles (ie: we'll unofficially be their forum)", which we think shows a lack of the innocence being claimed by some of the parties involved.
[*Japanamay was the pre-launch name for the Manga Alliance]

sadly we only have the pics, and not the links, so we don't know what viewtopic.php?f=1&t=84266 is about (or what "astro-turfing" they are linking to) but it appears that DM/AL/MA /SM are engaged in some sort of info war with MCM Expo. With regards to "anti-competition authorities" we await the lolsuit.
Speaking of which...

We take publicly available information and then we post it up. We put in some opinion but we either just present what we find or throw in a load of "in our opinion". People are legally allowed to have opinions, which is why the phrase "Nienna is, in our opinion, an idiot who doesn't know how the law actually works" isn't going to get us taken to court (but it may make us look like jackasses).

And, Finally

We await to have the entire UK scene rocked by what MCM Expo are up to.
Seriously, if it's actually that bad then expect to see StopTheExpo doing the rounds.

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You really need to read this


A very balanced view on things.

I have read the statements above and all I can see is a group of people Mike Towers (Anime League), Jason Joiner (Showmasters) & Dil (Dimensional Manga) pointing fingers at everyone else rather than taking responsibility for themselves.

At the end of the day we all know who they are pointing fingers at mcm expo.

The only reason that all this has come about is because the london expo lot saw through the who Mk,JJ, Dil MAnga alliance thing and did not want to join so they feel they need to have a poke at them.

Basically london expo has the right ideas in place for most and also the main companies attending where the other lot do not and they do not like that at all

Showmasters have gone on record a number times in the past saying that anime and manga is a fad and they have no interest, now that their events are failing dramatically in a number of ways they have seen the london expo lot making a success and now they want to try the same thing.

Thats far enough if they did not keep lying and telling everyone they are fans when clearly it is done for profit.

There is a statement on the original post above that relates to Microsoft and is completely correct.

People need to see the game they are playing and realise what they are all doing.

The fact that they have left the name of manga alliance means nothing as they are all still working together and doing the same things but not under the same name.

Jasons statement even admits that!

cant .. stop.... reading.... teh...... drama.... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRGH.

Down side is, no matter how much Expo are apparent cocks (not my opinion)people still actually like attending thier events.

I mean, people hate microsoft for what they are and thier hold over the market but everyone still uses thier products.

Ah well. Tune in next month for "stoptheeverythingtodowiththeukanimesceneiwantogetoff" as you say. :P

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