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Our response to Show Masters
Jason, from Show Masters, got in touch with us about our promotion of the recent online petition, so we have sent them the following email.

As we hope it will explain our intentions as a group, and because we like open discussion on these matters, we have provided it here for all to see.

Hi Jason

Thanks for your message to our LiveJournal, we assume that this can be counted as an offer to listen to, consider, investigate, and evaluate any feedback that you will recieve from others about the behaviour of Mike Towers and why they believe his involvement with your company will have a negative impact on your events. We do not assume that this mean you will stop working with him, but we can hope.

From what we have been told a number of people have already been in contact with you on this matter, partly because we have been encouraging people to do so. The StopThePwandas group will not be sending in an email on this topic directly, though some of those involved may do so as individuals. This is due to our intention of reporting on the actions of this person, as a representative of the Manga Alliance, rather than us getting involved with the situation directly other than to ask why any negative comments, of any degree, to their dealings are either ignored or removed from the record.

We do this for a couple of reasons, the first being that we are well aware and experienced with the harresment that is given out to critics of this group. The second is that we do not wish to identify those involved with this news gathering campaign as we feel their identities are an irrelivence to what we are aiming to achieve and disclosure will only further promotthe idea that we are 'pro' any specific UK scene group or event. The only thing we are as a group is 'anti' the Manga Alliance, for reasons that we have made clear in the past.

With regards to your opinions on the petition we would like to make it clear that we did not make, or directly encourage, the making of this petition. We did sign it as a collective once we were made aware of it and we did promote it until it was closed, from which point we have been encouraging people to take part in the constuctive, factual, and professional discussions about these issues with yourself that you have been encouraging. We do not consider it, or our actions, as "bullying" but rather as the raising of issues relating to the specific actions of a specific group within a specific context. We also do not consider any of these actions to have been hidden "behind computer screens" for the two reasons raised earlyer. If our opinions and reports are without merit then we will either be ignored or recieve negative feedback, however at this time we are gaining more 'followers'/'friends' each day and the majority of feedback is positive.

For examples of the behaviour that we have an issue with I would suggest looking through the archives of our Twitter Feed ( and the ongoing reporting on our livejournal ( We don't expect for you to take them as proof of the points we have raised but we believe that they point towards the practices of the people / groups identified.

We are more than willing to enter into further discussion with you on this topic, if you believe that you will gain anything further from it, although it will be our intention to keep such communications public unless you have a compelling reason to request otherwise. We also look forward to continuing to enjoy your events, even if we do believe that they will go downhill with the continued presence of the members of the Manga Alliance.


As ever we look forward to any and all feedback on this, and if you wish for us to unscreen your comment then please make it clear that you want your words posted.


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