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"Feedback over AL at London Film and Comic Con"
On July 20th FreeSaiyan started this thread on the Anime League website, asking for feedback on the Dimensional Manga Alliance involvement with the London Film & Comic Con. One of the posts, made by a "Cap'n Shooby" of AL who had 6630 posts to their credit and is listed as a 'Head Moderator', said "my only issues were Dimensional Entertainment pulled out of ALL their panels! leaving big gaps in my timetable... however there really was nothing I could do about that".

Whilst not technically 'on topic', FreeSaiyan's opening statement on the thread was "Animeleague ran the Artist Alley, the Video Gaming Zone (we also helped out with other bits and bobs related to us). We'd like to know how everyone found these areas and get some feedback" (our emphasis) it is still, in our opinion, a valid question and a valid point raised. However no response was given in the thread (the only comments from Freesaiyan being thanks for the praise given) and the post has now been deleted by parties unknown (and Cap'n Shooby has made no public posts in the 5 days since, though they have been active on the site).

There are a number of things we don't know about in this situation (who deleted it, why it was deleted, why Cap'n Shooby has been inactive since the post, why Dimensional Entertainment pulled out of all their panels) and they could have have innocent explanations rather than being another example of the removal of even the most minor of negative criticism to this organisation by anyone who dares stand in it's way.


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