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A request from for information from the public
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:32:17 +0100
Subject: From jason
To: [the person who started the petition]


I have read your Keep Mike Towers Away From Showmasters Events Petition

This is very odd thing to do ?

My name is Jason Joiner and I own Showmasters and I would like to here from you the issues you feel are so important that you want to damage this man and warn us so please get back to me on this please

1 - can you let me know what it is you thing he has done

2 - do you not think that if its so important that you should have contacted us direct to inform us of this rather than a public place which only serves to damage his reputation , but dose not inform us of the issues you feel we should know about this man

3 - Out of the 16 real names on this Petition how many do you know before thispetition was made

Ross Mills
James gammell
David Stokes
Richard Hohne
Lindsay Burdon
David Mace
Eilidh McMillan
Laura Buckley
Debbie Naismith
Gaz Woods
Leonie Speller
Concerned dealer
Paul C
Andrew Lakis
Simon McCann
Ren Dikomite

As if these people do have real issues they should contact me direct

And we can then understand the facts


Show Masters Online have asked, please help us avoid disappointing them.

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we are happy to talk to anyone about any issues they may have, but so far we have not herd anything that warrants this kind of petition, and in fact it just feels like bullying form people that hind behind computer screens , if you want to change anything then you should talk direct and not on here

if you have real issues then be professional and email us at

thanks for your time


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