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Only you can stop the Manga Alliance

Only *you* can stop the pwandas!
If you have any news on the latest questionable activities of the Dimensional Manga Alliance we would just love to know. Simply post them up in the screened comments below, including any links / supporting evidence / embarrassing facts, and we will put them to good use.

Anonymity is 100% assured and the wish for it is 100% assumed unless you explicitly ask us to use your name. We appreciate the hounding that the Dimensional Manga Alliance will give to any critics & do not wish to bring drama into your lives.

We also accept any artwork that will help promote our goals :-)

And so it ends
stopthepwandas has been taken off line. For all intents and purposes the reason for Stop The Pwandas is no more as the Manga Alliance is no more. We can claim a victory as we succeed in what we set out to do. We know that a lot of new questions and intrigues have arisen from all this but that's for someone else to battle out.

A big thank you to all those who shared information with us, both disclosed and still held in confidence. We couldn't have done it without that show of support.

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Feedback on the end of the Manga Alliance

Some background documents
In light of some of the comments made by Jason in his statement about The Manga Alliance we have decided to release the following so they give some background into what the MA was about and how it was being organised. Whilst the Manga Alliance appears to be being disassembled, and our purpose will soon be over, with the three main players still working together and making repeated complaints about an unnamed event and organisation we believe there is validity in adding these items to the record.

However, we would like to start with the following comment that has been sent to us by Mike Towers:"Also, no hard feelings, I understand why you did what you did, and I respect you for that."

Thank you Mike, and we respect you for saying that.

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A statement from Jason about the Manga Alliance

Back in 2008 I was contacted by Dil at Dimensional Manga to see if I was interested in helping them with a project to unite and help promote all the key players in the UK anime scene under the name Japanime Network.

This was something that I felt was a great idea as the events we run had more and more fans into manga and anime attending - I wanted to provide more for them. I also had feedback from one or two of the bigger companies in the industry that said we did not have much at the events for the anime fan to do, and it needed improving before they would look at coming to our event.

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Anime League Have Left The Manga Alliance
Anime League are withdrawing from Manga Alliance with immediate effect.

A bold step indeed, and the post contains some hard apologies, but as they will "still be working with most of our former partners such as Dimensional and Showmasters" and "this shouldn't affect us too much" it begs the question if this is will be a full split from the Manga Alliance or just an administrative 'get out' clause. Only time, and the actions of the Anime League, will tell, but the important thing is that the Manga Alliance has officially lost one of its biggest advocates and that the Anime League have apologies for some of its behaviour.

Mildly Difficult Questions Demand Incredibly Evasive Answers
On July the 23th a user on AnimeLeague.Net asked Dimensional Manga the really hard question of "what happened with Dimensional Entertainments panels at the LFCC over the weekend", to then get fobbed off with a non answer from DM to which the user followed up the next day with a polite, mild, and reasonable request for an actual answer.

5 Days later they eventually get the following classic response from FreeSaiyan:

"Note that Dil's in America at the moment, so won't be able to answer this until he returns - which is this weekend, I believe. Don't suppose we could change this to a happier question? =/" (our emphasis)

Our response to Show Masters
Jason, from Show Masters, got in touch with us about our promotion of the recent online petition, so we have sent them the following email.

As we hope it will explain our intentions as a group, and because we like open discussion on these matters, we have provided it here for all to see.

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As ever we look forward to any and all feedback on this, and if you wish for us to unscreen your comment then please make it clear that you want your words posted.

"Feedback over AL at London Film and Comic Con"
On July 20th FreeSaiyan started this thread on the Anime League website, asking for feedback on the Dimensional Manga Alliance involvement with the London Film & Comic Con. One of the posts, made by a "Cap'n Shooby" of AL who had 6630 posts to their credit and is listed as a 'Head Moderator', said "my only issues were Dimensional Entertainment pulled out of ALL their panels! leaving big gaps in my timetable... however there really was nothing I could do about that".

Whilst not technically 'on topic', FreeSaiyan's opening statement on the thread was "Animeleague ran the Artist Alley, the Video Gaming Zone (we also helped out with other bits and bobs related to us). We'd like to know how everyone found these areas and get some feedback" (our emphasis) it is still, in our opinion, a valid question and a valid point raised. However no response was given in the thread (the only comments from Freesaiyan being thanks for the praise given) and the post has now been deleted by parties unknown (and Cap'n Shooby has made no public posts in the 5 days since, though they have been active on the site).

There are a number of things we don't know about in this situation (who deleted it, why it was deleted, why Cap'n Shooby has been inactive since the post, why Dimensional Entertainment pulled out of all their panels) and they could have have innocent explanations rather than being another example of the removal of even the most minor of negative criticism to this organisation by anyone who dares stand in it's way.

A request from for information from the public
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 15:32:17 +0100
Subject: From jason
To: [the person who started the petition]


I have read your Keep Mike Towers Away From Showmasters Events Petition

This is very odd thing to do ?

My name is Jason Joiner and I own Showmasters and I would like to here from you the issues you feel are so important that you want to damage this man and warn us so please get back to me on this please
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As if these people do have real issues they should contact me direct

And we can then understand the facts


Show Masters Online have asked, please help us avoid disappointing them.


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